Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons beter

General laws and regulations

VUmc research code
A description of the principles governing proper scientific conduct (such as reliability, impartiality, verifiability, and independence) can be found in the VUmc-AMC Research Code . The code also contains a handy list to check agreements with third parties. There is also a general VUmc-code  about proper conduct. On the bottom of this page you can find a flyer with information about the Research Code.

Scientific integrity
Vrije Universiteit and VUmc operate a joint policy for the handling of academic integrity complaints. This complaints procedure outlines the various steps to be taken in the event of a complaint, the officers who play a role in this procedure and what you can expect once a complaint has been submitted.
More information can be found here (English) and here (Dutch)

On this VUmc intranet page you can find some more information in Dutch about the 'Vertrouwenspersoon Wetenschappelijke Integriteit'.

Authorship and contributorship
In order to avoid disputes and other problems with regard to authorship issues, it is wise to address the issue of authorship when the research is in its planning stages. You should also continue to discuss this issue as the project evolves, being sure to keep a written record of your decisions with regard to authorship. Guidelines on Authorship and Contributorship can be found on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors website. Additional information and tips on dealing with authorship problems, can be found here

Intellectual property
The use of knowledge can be restricted by patents, copyrights, or database rights. If you are unsure as to whether data are protected, use this checklist . If you think that your research findings (or any that you might make in future) may have commercial potential, contact the expert staff at Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) . If you want to share your data with fellow researchers or other third parties, this guideline is a good starting point.

Human tissue and medical research: code of conduct for responsible use
This is a code of conduct (compiled by the Dutch Federa organization) for dealing responsibly with any human tissue obtained in the context of medical research.
You can find information about this code and the VUmc's interpretation of it at the VUmc Biobank page.
Here too, you can find outline details of the Code of conduct .