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Scientific review

Scientific review
In the interests of improving and guaranteeing project quality, each study protocol must be reviewed by objective colleagues. This critical review is carried out by the Science committees of the five research institutes. A science review by a VUmc Science committee is mandatory for medical ethical approval.
Details of the science committees can be found here .

Scientific Information
To ensure that researchers stay up-to date, the Medical library offers access to the latest literature. Search specialists from the library are available to help with database searches and to ensure that the most effective possible use is made of databases such as PubMed, Embase, Cochrane, Cinahl, Psychinfo. Contact:
Details of a useful web course can be found here: Systematic literature search for reviews .

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Trial registration
All studies involving human subjects and interventions that are allocated by randomization must be registered. This may involve registration at the participants' level, as well as cluster randomization (e.g. randomization of treatment providers or departments). Registration may even be vital to the project's success, given that a number of journals will only publish work from registered trials. Refer to the trial register for information about the reasons for this and for details on how to proceed.

Privacy registration
In scientific research, the use of information that is either personal in nature or sensitive in terms of privacy must be registered with the Data Protection Board.