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Ideas & Preparation


The first phase of a research project is the period between the conception of the idea until the actual start of the project. You will have to arrange a lot of things in this period. You can use the links in the  menu to the left of this text to access specific information on the procedures and resources in the VUmc.  We describe the procedures and resources briefly below. If you click on one of the icons below, you will go directly to  the pages about financial issues, scientific review, legal affairs and scientific expertise.

Financial issues
You need money to carry out your research and it is important that financial issues are managed correctly. You may have funding before your research proposal has been finalized or you may have to apply for funding for your research. When you have obtained funding, you may need help managing the money. In this section you can find information about grants, funds, and financial management. 

Laws and regulations
A research proposal has to comply with many legal requirements and regulations. There are several services within the VUmc to assist you in fulfilling these requirements and regulations. Click here to find out more.

Scientific review
Your research not only has to meet applicable legal requirements but also has to undergo scientific review within the VUmc. Research has to be embedded in one of the VUmc research institutes. Every institute has a committee that assesses whether the research can be embedded and whether the research meets the demands of the institute regarding quality. More information on these matters can be found here

You can find out how to contact people providing different types of advice and support here

Acquiring staff
When you have secured funding and all necessary permissions, you will have to find staff to work on your project. You may hire staff or arrange for existing members of staff to work on your project. You can find information about hiring the right staff members and the forms you need to do this in the section of this guide on Human resources management