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VUmc Bicylce plan

VUmc aims to promote the use of (electric) bicycle commuting. The purchase of a bike (only a bike, no accessories) is supported by the employer. The employee receives an advance. This advance will be reduced by an employer and any use of the personal budget largely converted into a loan. This loan will be repaid in the line in 36 months through deductions from the net salary. This bicycle replaces the 'fiscal bicycle scheme VU University Medical Center.

This bike system is established with effect from January 1st 2015 for one calendar year. The scheme is tacitly renewed each year for a period of one year. If it is decided that the scheme will not be extended, before 1 October of that year reported to the council.

The enitre plan in Dutch, with all rules, conditions, procedures and the required form can be found on the P&O intranet (only accessible to VUmc employees). On this page a summary in English is given. No rights can be derived from the information on this page.


  • The employee asks for a advance (up to € 1,000) for a new bike (no accessories).
  • The bicycle is purchased from authorized bicycle dealers.
  • From the advance an employer's contribution of € 82 is deducted.
  • The employee can only use up to € 100 from the personal budget.
  • The advance minus the contribution and any amount from the personal budget is the amount of the loan.
  • The interest cost of the loan is borne by the employer.
  • The loan amount is deducted in maximum 36 equal monthly installments on the net salary.
  • The loan amount is deducted in the number of months that still persist in employment if employment is terminated within 36 months of law.

How does it work

  • The employee goes to a qualified bicycle shop and order or buy a bicycle.
  • The employee completes the 'bicyle plan form' (intranet) and delivers it together with the invoice (and proof of payment), or the confirmation of the order to the P&O service desk.
  • HR service checks whether the employee meets the conditions.
  • The employee and HR service together check the entered data: sum of payment, loan amount, duration and the monthly deduction.
  • Employee and HR service sign the agreement.
  • HR pays the amout of the advance back at the first possible salary moment.
  • The employee is economic and legal owner of the bicycle on delivery. Bike maintenance and insurance for theft and molestation are the responsibility of the employee.
  • The deduction from the net salary will start in the month in which the payment is received.
  • If the loan is granted on the basis of an order the employee will hand over the invoice and a receipt within 30 days after recieving the advance to the P&O service desk.
  • In default of that provided in the previous article, the amount of the advance will be deducted at once from the next paycheck.
  • The commercial interest on the loan is not borne by the employee but by the employe.
  • If the employment relationship between the employee and VUmc ends during the term of the bicycle, the remainder of the loan will be deducted from the last net salary.
  • If this balance is not sufficient, the employee will receive an invoice which must be paid within 31 days of receipt. Upon not receiving payment, collection will always follow.