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Reimbursements and related regulations

The reimbursement process
You must submit your reimbursement in the HRM self-service module. Select your supervisor or project approver and fill ou all the required fields of the reimbursement and annexes. Do not forget to enclose the original receipts, invoice and bank or credit card statements if necessary!
For more info visit this page (in Dutch).

Personnel with a VUmc labour contract
The expenses that your job requires can be partially reimbursed if you submit a declaration. Professional expenses can be partially reimbursed by submitting a declaration. All information about declarations can be found here

VUmc bicycle plan
Click here for more information about the VUmc bicylce plan.

Personnel not on payroll VUmc (guest/scholarship)
Do you work at VUmc but you do not fall under the CLA UMC? If so, you can claim the costs of your work.

Fill out the "Declaratie personeel niet in loondienst"   form (in Dutch), or the "Declaration form - not in employment" (in English).

Check out this page for more information.

Requisition of public transportation subscription
If you travel regularly by public transport to work, VUmc can offer you a season ticket with a discount for the public railways (NS). This allows you to use the train to travel to work. Additionally, you can also purchase a season ticket for public transport in the city. For more information, please click here  

Personal budget
As a VUmc employee, you receive a personal budget. This is for your personal development and the preservation of your job satisfaction so that you stay "sustainably employed" at VUmc. You can use the personal budget for training, memberships (sports subscription), or literature. More information can be found here

Secondary jobs
You have to report a secondary job (or amendments thereto) to VUmc. Maybe your second(ary) job involves activities with conflicting interests to VUmc. Contact your supervisor who can approve this secondary job or refuse his/her consent. For more information, please click here