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Personal development: Courses and learning programmes

Human Resources Management VU University Amsterdam offers a number of learning programmes and courses to support your current career and personal development. These are courses for PhD success, personal efficacy and for the supervision of the PhD.

On this page, you will find the available courses.

VUmc Academy (Amstel Academie)

The VUmc Academy offers a range of courses for scientists (from PhD  student to professor) to help you dealing with everyday life in the complex scientific arena. These course focus on so-called 'soft skills' and treat questions such as: how do I set priorities?, where do I stand after 5 years?, how do a obtain a healthier work-life balance?, how do I deal with my difficult supervisor/colleague?, what will be my next step after my PhD/postdoc period?, how do I lead a scientific research group? How do I guide a reluctant PhD student?, etc? For more information go to this website  

Course for Regulations and organisation for clinical investigators B.R.O.K

This course is known as the "Basic course for Regulatory Organization for Clinical researchers (BROK)". This course is a digitally available at the NFU.

The BROK course covers methodological aspects of clinical trials, Good Clinical Practice regulations, the Clinical Trial Directive and organizational aspects of working with various departments such as the pharmacy and research laboratories.
The course also covers specific information on how clinical researchers can get methodological and practical support during the conduct of their clinical research in Hospitals and other organizations. In summary the BROK course covers a wide range of legal and organizational aspects of clinical research and includes a national final exam. Passing this exam gives the researcher access to registration in the Dutch national BROK register (NFU-BROK Register)

Integral PhD-program: from Student to Professional
A new training program developed for PhD students;  "Integral PhD-program: from Student to Professional". From September 2013 this program replaces the existing courses at the Amstel Academy for this group. For more information about this program click here