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Foreign Employees outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

Foreign employees outside of the European Economic Area can find information on the IND site , and for dutch information about EU and EER members they can go to this website. Applicable duties and regulations are described below, such as a residence permit, work permit and the regulations governing a foreign labour contract.
For foreign employees you can find all kinds of information on the Euraxess site

Note: VUmc is obligated to request a work permit for employees on an internship, scholarship students and employees without a labour contract.

It is important to start procedures in a timely manner. In some situations, it takes from 4 weeks to 6 months, even up to a year to complete the procedure. For example, a delay in processing may occur in order to retrieve a legalised and translated birth certificate from China.


When a person from abroad is being employed, the " aanmelden indiensttreding internationale medewerker in loondienst " form is required. P&O Service will provide support in this procedure, but you must sign up in a timely manner because, in some circumstances, the procedure may take 4 weeks to 6 months.
When recruiting researchers from foreign countries, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  1. VUmc needs a Work-permit for employees outside the EEA, even when the employees do not have a labour contract such as guests and scholarship students.
  2. Depending on your nationality and duration of stay, you may be required to obtain an entry visa and/or residence permit. There may also be some formalities on arrival. Following this link , you will find all the information you need to determine which procedures will apply to you.
  3. Foreign employees who are employed in the Netherlands should have legal housing and a valid residence permit in order to qualify for a BSN (social security number).

Visa for highly skilled migrants
For highly skilled migrants, there is a quick procedure to receive a visa and working permit, in Dutch: 'kennismigrantenregeling'. It takes about 4 weeks. You can request the working permit and the visa at the same time.

Health insurance for expats.
Foreign employees in employment are obligated to have Dutch health insurance. The employee is free to choose which insurance they would like to obtain. There are situations where it is difficult for expats to obtain health insurance and, therefore, OOM-verzekeringen offers a solution. OOM-verzekeringen is specialised in insurance coverage for foreigners.

Language course
For foreign employees and interns, it is possible to attend a Dutch course provided at the Amstelacademie .

30% tax facility
If you come to work in the Netherlands, you are possibly confronted with extra costs, so-called extraterritorial costs. Your employer may grant you a free (untaxed) reimbursement for the extraterritorial costs that you incur. Your employer may also provide you with 30% of your wage, including reimbursement, tax-free. This facility is known as the 30%-facility. For this, it is not necessary to prove that expenses have been incurred. For more information, please click here .