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Human Resources Management for Research

On this page you will find a summary concerning the most important information about HR-subjects for researchers. This information is only valid for VUmc employees, and does not apply on VU and ACTA employees. The information is grouped in 6 categories including the required forms.

1. The OIO stands for the 'Onderzoeker In Opleiding', which is the equivalent of a PhD. As it relates to the OIO (PhD), we shall inform you about subjects such as an OIO-track and labour contract.

2. Recruitment & Employment : this page provides the most important information about recruitment and the procedure with the forms.

3. Foreign employees : on this page you can find the most important information about employing foreign employees and related regulations.

4. Personal development: Courses and learning programmes : VUmc offers the option to follow courses or receive training at the Amstelacademie.

5. Reimbursements are connected to different regulations which will be described in this chapter.

6. Other HRM subjects like forms for extension of employment are discussed on these pages.

7. Contact