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Patents and Valorization

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)
If your work has led to the development of an invention that may have an application in society, or if you believe that it may be of commercial value to other parties, then contact Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA, former Technology Transfer Office) before publishing any details about it. Once details of an invention have entered the public domain, even via posters or abstracts, it is no longer possible to obtain patent protection.

IXA primarily functions as a support mechanism for delivering the fruits of your research to society. We have the expertise and access to the networks that are necessary to turn research into a product for the benefit of society. We do this by seeking to protect your invention legally, securing private funding and grants for further research, attracting industrial partners for collaboration or licensing, and through the creation of a spin-off that can market the invention directly.

Developing medical devices with the Pontes Medical approach
A clever idea, or the identification of a clinical need? The starting point for successful innovation in medical technology may be less complex than you think. The Pontes Medical approach guides you through the development of your clinical need, invention or research outcomes into a proven, globally available, innovative medical device.

Working within university hospitals we bridge the gap between specialists, researchers and healthcare professionals on the one hand and industries and investors on the other. Your clinical need is our starting point. We involve commercial partners (and ensure IP is safeguarded) at an early stage, to contribute specific knowledge and entrepreneurship to these projects. Together we discover, develop and deliver medical devices to improve healthcare. We help in protecting IP so you can publish safely. The Pontes Medical scheme is an integral part of VUmc and AMC and an extension of IXA's valorization instruments.

The range of project activities includes confirming the clinical need for the medical device, searching for appropriate partners, continuous interaction with the end-user to obtain acceptance, technical development of the medical device, reviewing technical feasibility (prototyping), assessing clinical acceptance (prototype/pilot), assessing commercial viability (business), clinical validation, project management, risk management, and CE preparation.

Valorisation guide for medical technology
Especially for AMC and VUmc healthcare professionals and researchers who wish to learn more about innovation and valorisation in medical technology, the IXA team has compiled the IXA valorisation guide for medical technology. The text is based on the knowledge and experiences of researchers from AMC and VUmc and the IXA team.

In this brochure you will discover how to develop effective solutions and new products for healthcare. We hope to provide you with insight and understanding of innovation in medical technology and offer you helpful tools and assistance, whether it is the process from opportunity to market introduction, collaboration with industry, rules and regulations, or patent aspects. You can read all about it in this guide. Included are interviews with colleagues who are already developing new medical technologies.

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