Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons beter

Archiving and rounding off a project

Once a study has been completed good archiving is essential. This enables repeat studies to be conducted and allows other researchers to use the collated data in the future. Due care and attention must be exercised when transferring the research data and documentation.

Researchers leaving to take up employement elswhere
Advice on how to manage the departure of a researcher can be obtained from HRM.
Further details and HRM forms for departing researchers can be found at the linked page.

Studies performed under Good Clinical Practice
These studies must follow GCP guidelines and store materials for at least 15 years. See the site of the Clinical Research Bureau for for the procedures associated with rounding off a trial, such as reporting to the METc and final monitoring. See also the standard VUmc operating procedure on archiving:  'Archiveren: van onderzoeksgegevens en van fysieke informatie' (in Dutch).

For studies with no legal retention time
The minimum recommended period for the retention of research data is 5 years from the date of publication. For epidemiological (EMGO+) research, a guideline on archiving can be found here, and a guideline to manage the process around a researcher leaving can be found here. For all other types of studies please ask your supervisor.