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Special materials and equipment

Prototypes and research equipment development
Do you need a physical instrument or specific research equipment that is commercially unavailable or needs to be modified? The Development Department at Physics & Medical Technology (FMT) can offer support with designing, developing, and constructing new physical instruments. We give input on available technology, technological options and technical planning. Involvement of the Development Department at an early stage ensures optimal research results. Click here for details.

For proteomic/glycomic analysis the department houses a Nano-LC-MS system, UNano-LC-MS, an analytical UHPLC system, Dionex preparative HPLC system, Dionex BioLC system, Amersham AKTA explorer.
For peptides synthesis a robotic peptide synthesizer is present. Peptides can be ordered by filling in the order form.
For contact: Hakan Kalay

Visit the biochemistry unit of the MCBI Technology centre for more information.

Radioactive labelled materials
The department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, together with BV Cyclotron VU, has the expertise and equipment needed to fully develop radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT in both animal and human studies. Its expertise ranges from radionuclide production, through new tracer development and preclinical evaluation, to the clinical use of new and existing tracers with support from highly qualified specialists. A list of the available expertise and materials is available here. Visit the department's intranet site for details of contacts and procedures.