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Research involving data

Data analysis center: Kinetic models and image processing tools 
The core competencies of the VUmc data analysis centre include modelling and quantification capabilities such as kinetic models, generic data analysis, and image processing tools. It provides a range of services in these areas, details of which are given on page 4 of this linked PDF.

Critical questions
If you are planning to use existing data in the course of your research, it is important to ask critical questions about the suitability of this data to your project. Initial questions for a range of data sources such as laboratory data, longitudinal data collections etc. can be found here .

Preparing datasets
Datasets (including large datasets) occasionally need to be relabelled, merged or otherwise reorganized before any analysis can take place. Advice and support for such activities can be obtained from the Knowledge Centre Cohort Studies .

Data processing
For guidance concerning the steps required to prepare your data for analysis, see the EMGO+ Institute's quality handbook

Data analysis
Details of procedures for proper data analysis and documentation can be found in the EMGO+ institute's quality handbook .