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Methodological and statistical support

E&B Xpert

E&B Xpert is part of the department of epidemiology and biostatistics in the VU University Medical Center. We support researchers at the beginning of their research in choosing a study outcome, with sample size calculations and in preparing a plan for the statistical analysis of their data. We also assist researchers in analysing data resulting from their studies, in presenting the results in reports and papers and in answering reviewers' questions on statistical issues.

E&B Xpert support ranges from short consultations via e-mail, telephone or in person to long term participation in medical and biomedical research projects. Statisticians, epidemiologists, health economists and clinimetricians provide the expertise and support

Researchers can apply for support using the application form on our webpage . Researchers should always apply for support via this form, even if they have already had informal contact with a member of the department about their request or their request follows on from a previous project. Researchers with questions about or comments on E&B Xpert, can contact our helpdesk via .