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Data management

Data management plays an important role in high-quality research (including epidemiological research), both before, during and after data collection.

The Data Management Department, which is part of Division 6, provides data management support to researchers and research projects.

The Data Management Department is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of a data management infrastructure that includes facilities and standards for data collection, data processing and the management of research data.

In addition, the department can also supply various forms of advice and executive support in the design and development of research databases, clinical trial data management systems and CRFs (including eCRFs), online surveys, interview systems, dataflow monitoring and control systems, web-based randomization, data integration, data cleaning, data transformation, data restructuring, etc.

Basic support and introductions are always free of charge. More intensive executive support will be invoiced.

For further details visit the Knowledge Centre Cohort Studies website, or sent an e-mail to