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Conducting research


You can start conducting your research when the financial, scientific, and legal approvals are obtained. In this phase, the research guide offers additional resources or guidance to support your research project. You can use the left menu bar to find a page with specific information and available resources within VUmc, or you can use one of these icons to go directly to the pages about documentation, acquiring materials, equipment, research involving human subjects, sample analysis, data management, research involving data and the first steps towards publishing.

Summary conducting research phase

The good documentation page informs you about the ways to document your research. The section obtaining study objects contains information on how to acquire biological materials or study participants. Special materials and equipment is about the instruments or radioactive materials that you may require. Measurements, tests,  and trials with human subjects directs you to information about studies with human subjects. In the section sample management you will find details and referrals to support on analysing samples. Data management can be an important aspect of studies. Under research involving data you will find more information about how to handle the data of your study. On the page about Methodological and statistical support  you can find more information about the expertise within VUmc on methodological and statistical issues. Finally, publishing has information about authorship and some food for thought.