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Welcome to the VUmc Research Guide


This guide is for everybody involved in research within the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) and its research institutes. It may be of particular interest to researchers at the start of their career. The guide contains general information on the research process and links to in-depth resources on particular aspects of this process. 

How to use this guide
The structure of this guide reflects the three global phases in the research process. It also contains additional information on human resource management in research. 

You can click on these links to obtain information or you can browse our list keywords . You can also click on the icons below to find information on a particular phase of research. There is a summary of each of the three phases below.

Ideas Conducting Finalization  

Summary of the three phases of the research process

The first phase of a research project is the period between the conception of the idea until the actual start of the project. In this period, you will have to obtain funding and ethical approval and hire  research staff. We hope to provide you with all of the information you need in this phase in this guide.

In the second phase you conduct the research. You may need help finding the right equipment or expertise to carry out your project. In this section of the guide, we present an overview of where you can find this support.

In the third phase  of your research you may need information on how to communicate or valorise your ideas and results. You may also need information on the correct procedures to finish the research project, in terms of human resource and financial management.

You can find information on human resource management in research on this page .


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