Lankveld, Thea van

Name: Thea van Lankveld
Title: drs./MSc
Position:  promovendus/PhD student

Short introduction

Thea van Lankveld is a PhD student and educational advisor. She has a background in cultural psychology and has extended experience in teaching within the field of higher education, for example in the Master program Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. She currently works on a research project about the identification of teachers in higher education with their role as a teacher and the role of professional development activities in their identity development.

Research interests

Identity, Socio-cultural theory, Communities of practice, Qualitative methodology.


Journals- National

  • Lankveld, T. van, & Aalberts, J. (2007) Docentprofessionalisering zonder cursus. Onderzoek van Onderwijs, 36(3), 76-77.
  • Lankveld T. van, & Volman, M. (2011). Ondersteuning van docenten bij onderwijsvernieuwing: De rol van communities of practice. Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, 29 (1), 41-53.
  • Lankveld, T.A.M. van, Gercama, A.J., Kleinveld, J.H., Hesselink, B.A.M., & Croiset, G. (2011). Docentprofessionalisering door docentcommunities: een toepassing bij tutoren. Tijdschrift voor Medisch Onderwijs, 30 (6), 264-271.

Conference abstracts

  • Lankveld T. van, & Volman M. (2009). Hoe krijgen we ze over de brug? Professionalisering van docenten in de context van onderwijsvernieuwing in communities of practice. Paper presented at VELON conference, Gent, Belgium.
  • Lankveld, T. van, & Volman, M. (2009). Professional development of higher education teachers in the context of educational change: teacher learning in communities of practice. Paper presented at JURE 2009, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Lankveld, T. van, & Draaijer, S. (2010). Compensatorisch toetsen. Bijdrage aan HANovatie Themadag 3 november 2010.
  • Lankveld, T. van, Beishuizen, J., Croiset, G.,  & Volman, M. (2011). Faculty development in the context of educational change: The role of teacher communities. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Vienna, Austria, August 29-31.
  • Lankveld, T. van, Schoonenboom, J., Volman, M., Groiset, G., & Beishuizen, J. (2012). De professionele identiteit van docenten in het hoger onderwijs; een reviewstudie van recent onderzoek. Paper presented at the Onderwijs Research Dagen 2012, Wageningen.
  • Lankveld, T. van, Schoonenboom, J., Volman, M., Groiset, G., & Beishuizen, J. (2012). The professional identity of teachers in Higher Education; A review of research 2005-2011. Poster presented at the EARLI SIG 4 Higher Education Conference 2012, Tallinn.

Scholarships, grants and prizes

  • Distinction MSc Psychology, 1996.
  • VSB Beurs 1996-1997, for studying Discourse analysis (MPhil) at Loughborough University, UK.

Academic activities

Thea is a member of ICO, VOR, NVMO, VELON, EHON and EARLI. She is one of the coordinators of the ICO themegroup Teaching and Teacher Education. She is a member of the Review Board of the International HETL Review.