Agtmael, Michiel van

Name: Dr. Michiel van Agtmael
Title: Internist, Clinical pharmacologist, Infectious diseases specialist
Position: Head of section Pharmacotherapy, Dept. internal medicine, VUmc

Short introduction

Since 1994, Michiel does academic work (AMC, Erasmus MC, since 2001 VUmc) with mix of clinical work, teaching and research. He has a long clinical experience in the care for patients with infectious diseases. Since 2013, he is the head of the section Pharmacotherapy with a focus on education and research in education.Course member in course in teaching leadership (CEUT Center of Excellence in University Teaching)

Research interests

  • Mainly in therapy, antimicrobial, HIV.
  • Recent focus on therapeutic reasoning and how to teach pharmacotherapy to students and doctors


Journals on Medical Education

  • De opleiding tot medisch microbioloog in 2020. M.A. van Agtmael. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Medische Microbiologie. Augustus 2003. 80-82

Journals on Infectious Diseases


  • 1392 (345 eerste auteur, 1027 co- of laatste auteur) citaties gebaseeerd op 52 (S)SCI publicaties. H-index=20. 
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Book chapters

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Clinical & pharmacological studies on artemether in the treatment of malaria (1999).

Academic activities


  • Member of Education subcommittee of EACPT


  • NVKF
  • NIV
  • NVMO
  • Advisory boards Farma
  • KNMP commission medicines


  • Course coordinator, Infection and Inflammation in Bachelor year 3, VUmc School of Medical Sciences
  • Tutor for Bachelor year 2 medical students, VUmc School of Medical Sciences
  • Workshops on therapy
  • Clinical bedside teaching
  • Teaching/coordinating in Pharmacotherapy/Medication Management
  • Research on education in therapeutic reasoning
  • Project supervisor Student-run clinic


  • Clinical student research fellowships in Dept of infectious diseases, Grooteschuur hospital  Capetown South Africa (Prof Marc Mendelson)
  • Ph D student Titus Msoka  studies on cardiovascular risk in HIV at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Moshi, Tanzania