Meiboom, Ariadne

Name: Ariadne Meiboom
Title: Drs.
Position: PhD student and Assistant Professor and Head of Elderly Care Medicine Education, Department of General Practitioner Medicine and Geriatric Medicine

Short introduction

Ariadne Meiboom is an elderly care physician and works as an assistant professor at the department of general practitioner and geriatric medicine, where she fulfills many education and coordination tasks since 2000. In 2010 she obtained her basic teaching qualification (BKO-Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs). She conducts research on geriatric medicine as a career choice for medical students as her PhD thesis topic.

Research interests

Ariadne's main research area is identifying the factors that play a role in the (lack of) interest of medical students for a career in geriatric medicine


Published Conference abstracts
" Meiboom AA, Soethout MBM, Vries H de, Ribbe MW, Scheele F.
Why do medical students have little interest in a career in geriatric medicine?
NVMO congress, 2011.

Academic activities


  • Speaker at symposium "on the way to tomorrow" primary research and training in geriatric medicine. VUmc, 2011
  • Organizer/course leader of 'Creating Vignette Questions' training course, Maastricht University, 14 November 2012
    " Organizer/course leader of the workshop 'Creating Scenario Questions' at LUmc, 27 February 2013


  • Member of Examination Committee (EC) and EC-DB
  • Examiner National Progress Test
  • Coordinator practical training care
  • Co-coordinator for clerkship geriatric medicine
  • Co-coordinator "Leren doktoren 5"
  • Lecturer in geriatric medicine lectures, seminars, training courses and practical
  • Peer counselor interns
       - Member of Commission scientific internships
  • Course coordinator aging
  • Co-coordinator scientific focus education outpatient medicine
        - Set up teaching internship elderly care medicine
  • Teaching assistant bachelor years 1 and 2 from 2005 to 2008
  • Mentor from 2005 to 2011
  • Set up choice internship and oldest internship elderly care medicine
  • Palliative Care Education Project at the VUmc (2000-2003) which was funded by the government. This project was about education goals of palliative care, goals which follow therefrom, which education existed in the curriculum, and the effectiveness of it, what adjustments were necessary, and is education developed and implemented.


  • Elderly care physician in De Antonius Hof, Vivium Zorggroep, Lange Heul 32, 1403 NL Bussum.