PhD admission forms I and II

PhD admission Form I and Form II have been modified in line with the new Doctorate Regulations. Form I must be used to apply for admission to the PhD track and has to be submitted at the start of the PhD track.

As from June 2017, Hora Finita, the new online registration system for PhD trajectories is (partly) operational.

This means that PhDs, supervisors and the Dean's offices will notice a few changes:   

  • PhD decision: Prior to Hora Finita, the rector signed the PhD decision, copies of these were made and sent by regular mail to all supervisors, the PhD candidate and the Dean's secretary. From this week onwards, the rector approves a request for admission to the PhD Trajectory in Hora Finita (approval of Form I). Consequently, a message is automatically generated and sent by e-mail to the PhD candidate, the supervisors and the Dean's secretary.
  • Notifications: Hora Finita creates several messages automatically throughout the PhD Trajectory. Apart from the abovementioned PhD Decision, the system sends a notification per email of:
    • Approval of a proposal for amendment to the PhD Decision
    • Confirmation of the date for the defence
    • Approval of the cover page of the PhD Thesis (which is a notification for the PhD only)

Because of the automatically generated  notifications, it is now more important than ever to provide us with the correct email address of everyone in a PhD trajectory!

Alongside Form I, you have to submit the following documents at the Dean's office. You can send them by mail (address: dept. ZH 3D) or bring them along and deposit them in the postbox opposite the 'D-elevator's, department 3D.

  • An original signed training and supervision plan (OBP). This means that the OBP has to be filled out and signed twice. The second original copy stays in possession of the PhD candidate. The OBP has to be signed by the promotor, the second (co-)promotor, the PhD candidate and the director of the research institute in which the research is embedded. The PhD candidate has to supply the OBP also digitally to the PhD committee of the research institute and to the HR department for the personel file (p& On these versions a signature of the dean is not required.
  • A copy of an in the Netherlands valid identification document of the PhD candidate (preferably the passport).
  • A copy of the Masters diploma obtained by the PhD candidate (see also article 8 section a of the doctorate regulations).
  • In case the PhD candidate has not graduated from the VU, an orginal copy of the diploma certified by the VU beadle's office has to be supplied.
  • In case the PhD candidate has not (yet) recieved a (certified) university diploma, a certified diploma-supplement and a list of grades have to be supplied.
  • A signed statement by the PhD candidate about scientific integrity 

Form II is used to apply for admission to the PhD defence. This form is filled out by the VUmc Dean's Office at the end of the PhD track and after approval by the reading committee.

Official forms can be obtained by:
- downloading them from the VUmc intranet (VUmc employees only)
- downloading them from VUnet  (VU employees only)
- requesting them at the VUmc dean's office