Training and Education for PhD students

This information is applicable for VU University medical center-PhD students. In AMC different rules apply.

According to article 15 Doctorate Regulations VU University Amsterdam 2015 the PhD candidate shall devote at least 30 EC (840 hours) to training.
Please be aware: Without having devoted these 30 EC you will not be admitted to the PhD ceremony, even when the thesis committee has submitted a positive advice on your dissertation.
Once the supervisor has approved the dissertation, the PhD candidate shall submit a request to the supervisor and counselor of the research institute (see: here) to determine whether all training requirements have been met as agreed in the Training and Supervision Plan. If so, a certificate will be drawn up and awarded to the PhD candidate (article 16).

Here you will find more information on the Training and Supervision Plan.

VUmc collaborates with VU in inter-faculty research institutes and research schools. In some cases, information and registration contacts are therefore made with institutes outside VUmc.

Different faculties and research institutes have their own courses that are mandatory. Please see the overview at the bottom of this page or contact your faculty or institute to find out which courses are compulsory for you. Note that you must obtain permission from your supervisor or the financial administrator before you can enrol in these courses.

The courses are divided into courses on 'General academic skills'  and on 'Professional knowledge and expertise' . The latter category also includes courses that are specific for the VUmc research institutes. Also see the information about courses that are part of Master's / Research Master's programmes , activities and this page with useful links

On the bottom of this page you can also download a document which you can use as an overview of your completed training requirements .

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