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Working towards 2016


VU University Medical Imaging Center

The new medical imaging facility on the VUmc campus will be completed in 2016. This cutting edge research and patient care initiative is the result of a joint venture between VU University Medical Center and VU University, located in the Zuidas  knowledge and business district of Amsterdam.

Creating synergy

The new center will facilitate the cohesive development of the multi-modality (hybrid) technologies that lie at the heart of innovation in image techniques, as well as create a patient care center where all imaging procedures are performed in a healing and sustainable environment.  By fusing the department of Radiology together with the department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research, the true potential of hybrid imaging techniques can be realised for the patient.

The hub

The Imaging Center will act as the hub and incubator for all imaging activities at VUmc and VU. The building design and functionality will facilitate the center's focus on excellent patient care, technical imaging innovation, education and collaboration.
Multi-modality imaging experts are trained in the most advanced techniques in the areas of oncology and immunology, neurology, and cardiology, thereby creating a knowledge hub in imaging within the main fields in medicine.