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UMC Groningen, Radboud Nijmegen and Amsterdam VUmc sign strategic research alliance with Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche in the area of Imaging

13 December 2010

Amsterdam / Basel December 13, 2010 - Three University Medical Centers, UMC Groningen, UMC St Radboud Nijmegen and VUmc Amsterdam enter into a strategic alliance today with the innovative Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. The scope of this alliance is principally preclinical and clinical studies using advanced imaging techniques.

With regard to Imaging the three Dutch UMC's take a prominent position on the global academic arena. In addition, the international character of the Dutch universities and the good infrastructure in the Netherlands have been reasons for Roche to seek the alliance in this country. By entering into this alliance the parties pronounce their confidence in a constructive long-term cooperation.
Roche is the world's largest biotech / pharmaceutical company that introduced breakthrough medicines and diagnostics  in the field of oncology, rheumatology and virology during the last years. In 2009 Roche was the number one on the list of 1000 companies with the largest R & D investments (9.1 billion U.S. dollars).

The network offers all four parties the opportunity to introduce research proposals. This creates an environment in which innovation and collaboration are leading, based on shared risk and shared revenues. The parties consider the ongoing development of imaging techniques for biomedical research, drug research, discovery of new targets for possible treatments and pharmacology to be the main objectives of the collaboration.

Andreas Wallnoefer, head Development of pRED (Pharma Research & Early Development) at Roche: "As an innovative company Roche fosters alliances and partnerships with major academic centers. We look forward to the collaboration with the Dutch centers that belong to the top in the field of clinical translational research."
"Such alliances are good for maintaining specialized knowledge in our country and will attract new talent, particularly from outside our country, and foreign top researchers", mr. J.F.M. Aartsen, prof. dr. F.H.M. Corsten and prof. dr. W.A.B. Stalman, members of the Boards of Directors of respectively UMC Groningen, UMC St Radboud and VUmc Amsterdam, confirmed when signing the contract.

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For further information please contact mrs. drs E.M. Loriaux, Director Corporate Affairs & Communications Roche Netherlands BV, phone 0348-438106.

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