Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons beter

International Advisory Board

  Prof. dr. Bob Pinedo 
  Oncologist, chair of the advisory board. Founder of
  Cancer Center Amsterdam VUmc and involved in
  founding CTMM and EATRIS.

  Prof. dr. Chris J.L.M. Meijer 
  Pathologist at VUmc, vice chair of the advisory

  Prof. dr. Liselotte Højgaard
Rikshospital Copenhagen, Head of Dept. Clinical
  Physiology and Nuclear Medicine & PET and
  Cyclotron unit.
  Former chair EMRC (European Medical Research
  Council; Roadmap Committee.

  Mr. Rein Jan Hoekstra 
Member of The State Council in the Netherlands,
  which is an independent adviser to the Government
  on legislation and administration and general
  highest administrative court in the country

  Prof. dr. John C. Clark
PET scientist. Clinical Research Imaging Center
  (CRIC), University of Edinburgh, UK.

  Prof. dr. Peter Luijten
Director Center for Translational Molecular Medicine
  (CTMM). Professor of Functional Medical Imaging.

  Dr. Martin Murphy
Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
  Alphamed Consulting Inc., providing strategic sup-
  port for academic cancer centers and cancer drug
  development programs of global pharmaceu-
  tical and biotechnology companies.

  Dr. Joop Sistermans
  Chair of the Advisory Council for Science and
  Technology Policy (AWT). Advises the Dutch
  government and parliament on policy in the areas of
  scientific research, technological development and

  Prof. dr. Markus Schwaiger
Professor and director, department of nuclear
  medicine, Technische Universitaet of Munich,
  Germany. He is currently also dean of the School of
  Medicine at this university.

Prof. dr. ir. David Reinhoudt 
 Chair NanoNed, the Dutch network on nanotechnology. Many functions in
technological development and innovation.