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Grant information

Please pay attention to the following important funding information / recently published interesting funding programs:


New KWF deadline has been set for 20 December 2017

Although the upcoming deadline is August 2, KWF already set the next deadline for the project types “regular” research projects, Young Investigator Grants, Unique high-risk projects and Research Consortium Grants (see attachment for more information on these project types), the deadline is December 20 2017.


Upcoming Personal Grant Deadlines

Early career researchers: KWF Young Investigator Grant (2 August 2017), NWOVeni (January 2018)

Mid-career researchers: NWO Vidi (Beginning of October 2017), ERC Starter (October 2017), ERC Consolidator (February 2018)

Senior researchers: ERC Advanced (31 August 2017), NWO Vici (March 2018)


Interesting upcoming funding opportunities

Deadline  14 November: ERC Synergy

Type of grant: Highly prestigious grant for fundamental projects by a consortium of 2-4 excellent, senior PIs

Aim of program: Projects must address ambitious research questions that can only be answered by the coordinated wqork f 2-4 PIs and their teams, bringing together their complementary skills, knowledge and resources in unprecedented ways.
PIs: PIs must spend at least 30% of their working time to the ERC Synergy project.
Max funding: M€10 for 6 year projects.



Deadline 12 September: ZonMw Personalised Medicine – Ontwikkeling Voorspellende Diagnostiek (Projectidee)

Aim of the program: to develop predictive diagnostic tools that allow improved patient stratification for existing “expensive” medication in order to prevent patients from over- and undertreatment

Project criteria:

·       a concrete clinical validation and implementation step in the development of predictive diagnostic tools is performed

·       The results allow to better select the right patient for the right (expensive) medication

·       Rapid implementation is possible after the project

Max budget: No budget max. However, for the total call, 9.5 million Euro is available.

Max Project duration: 4 years



Deadline 3 October: NWO Investeringen Groot

Aim: To stimulate investments in scientific equipment or data collections of (inter)national importance.

Max funding: M€1.5. Significant cofunding is required; the level of cofunding will be discussed separately for each application.



Deadline 26 September: ZonMw Open ronde Doelmatigheidsonderzoek (projectidee)

Aim of the program: Research projects on novel promising interventions and on improvement/other use of available interventions

Consortium: Researchers together with relevant stakeholders


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In an overview, the deadlines for collaborative and personal grants are presented in separate overviews.

Short descriptions of funding programs
Sorted on deadline, you will find short descriptions of the funding programs from the Calendar to find out rapidly which programs are relevant for you.

Horizon2020 Health calls
A full overview of the 2016/2017 calls within the Health program of Horizon2020. Among the topics are eg patient stratification, novel treatments/diagnostics for a specific subset of diseases, determination of the effectiveness of health care interventions. If you are interested in these calls, let me know and I will send you the full text of the call(s).

Expected deadlines
Programs that have been announced, but for which is already known when these programs are expected (eg NWO (Middel)Groot)

Continuously Open for Submission
Programs without a fixed deadline, for which you can apply throughout the year.

Relatively small Dutch funds
These funds are available for small applications for eg equipment, specific materials etc.

Funding support
Within VUmc CCA, Joyce Putters is available to:

  • Identify funding opportunities for your research (national, European, global)
  • Provide you with detailed information on funding opportunities
  • Review your project proposal (mainly on structure, readability, properly addressing the funding-program specific evaluation criteria)
  • Advise on the composition of consortia and maintain contacts with the consortium partners during the application
  • Write proposal parts such as project management, institute-specific parts etc.
  • Support you with administrative aspects of your funding application
  • Make you an account at Research Professional, a professional database for national, European and global  funding opportunities (you have free access on campus, you need an account for access outside of campus. Within this database, you can search for funding opportunities and you can create email alerts to obtain funding opportunities based on your search criteria in your mailbox.

If you are looking for funding opportunities, if you have questions on specific funding opportunities or if you would like support with an application, just let Joyce know.

Dr. Joyce Putters
Subsidieadviseur wetenschappelijk onderzoek
VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam
kamer PK 5Z166 | | +31 (0)20-444 2761