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KWF deadlines

Deadline for KWF preproposals               : March 5 2018

Deadline for KWF full proposals              : May 16 2018

Formal KWF deadline                               : June 6 2018


In attachment, you find the preproposal format (to be submitted to ) and detailed information about the KWF project types that you can apply for:

  • “Regular” research project (4 years, 500k€, applicant must have PhD)
  •   Young Investigator Grant (4 years, 500k€, applicant must be 0-5 years after their PhD)
  • Consortium grants (projects with 4 participating organisations or more, projects in which industry participates, projects with budgets higher than 1M€)
  • Unique high risk projects (1-2 years, 150k€, applicant must be a senior researcher)
  • Implementation projects (5 years, project leaders are not required to have a PhD)

Please note that the indicated project durations and budgets are guidelines, no maximum durations/amounts.


Infrastructural Initiatives call

In this round, you can also submit Infrastructural Initiative proposals. However, there is a different procedure for these projects. KWF already set a deadline to submit preproposals (3 April 2018, deadline for full proposals is June 6) and the directors of CCA decided to use this call to develop a joint CCA (AMC/VUmc) proposal within a specific topic. You can submit your ideas to if you want to apply to this call and the directors will discuss and decide how these ideas can be used to submit a joint CCA initiative. ( Infrastructural Initiative projects may take 1-5 years, must have national backing and national accessibility is required). More information on the guidelines of the infrastructural initiatives call will follow later in January, after publication of the guidelines by KWF.


Let me know if you have questions,


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