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General information

Involving more than 70% of the VUmc medical departments, VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) hosts more than 200 PhD candidates, most with a Master's degree in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Oncology, Biomolecular Sciences or Biology. We offer a large number of high-level PhD research projects.

These research projects range from fundamental (laboratory) research to the translation of research results into clinical settings and new clinical trials. Our institute works with state-of-the-art technology, including tissue microarray facilities, an oncoproteomics laboratory, molecular imaging facilities, a flow cytometry facility, and tissue and serum biobanks.

If you would like to know more about the (PhD) projects run at our institute, please visit our research website. As part of your PhD programme at VUmc CCA, you will be provided with a specialized PhD training programme. This programme includes courses on general (transferable) skills and courses specifically focused on oncology and/or immunology.

Since 1993, the Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA), a collaboration between VUmc CCA, NKI and AMC, has offered PhD candidates in the Amsterdam region a specialized training programme on Oncology. Through this unique cooperation of all research groups in our region, you will be trained to perform research at the highest level and have numerous opportunities to work together with other research groups.

On the VUmc PhD portal, PhD candidates and promotors can find useful information regarding all aspects of the PhD track. For example the doctorate regulations, important forms, and the education and supervision agreement.