Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons beter

The main research aim of the department of Psychiatry is to contribute to better prevention and treatment of common mental disorders. Therefore, our main research questions are: what are important causes of common mental disorders and what are predictors of their course? Most of our research focuses on depression and anxiety disorders. Interested? Follow us on Twitter Twitter logo  PsychReslogo


Research and teaching are organised within one psychiatric care facility and two academic research institutes that closely collaborate:

  • The Research and Innovation department of GGZ inGeest: support of clinical management development and studies on applied care, efficacy, and genetic/biological epidemiology.
  • Amsterdam Public Health research institute (former EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research), Mental Health program: epidemiologic and implementation studies.
  • Amsterdam Neuroscience program Mood, Anxiety and Psychosis: biological and genetic studies.