Prof. dr. Menno de Jong

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    Menno de Jong

Personal information

Menno de Jong is full Professor Medical Microbiology at the AMC and is Head of Department of VUMC and AMC since January 2018 as a consequence of the merger between VUMC and AMC. After studying medical school at UvA he completed his PhD on HIV treatment and a specialisation in medical microbioly at the AMC. He briefly worked at the AMC and LUMC, after whigh he made the decision to move to Viertnam. He worked in Ho Chi Minh City at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit and Hospital for Tropical Diseases and set up a new virology lab. After five adventurous years, he returned to Amsterdam to become professor of Clinical Virology.

Research interests

For more information about Menno de Jong, please see his publications on PubMed or the AMC website.