Striving for excellence together

Focus on people

Huub Boekhoudt, nurse, is taking a specialized follow-up course in oncology/haematology.
VU University Medical Center substantially contributes to the quality of the health service and, subsequently, to the welfare of individuals.

In its role as a university medical center (UMC), VU University Medical Center develops and applies knowledge within five leading pivotal points in patient care and pioneering research: cancer, brain, vital functions, movement, and -extramural/transmural care (the latter is defined as the interface between primary and secondary health care). In addition, VU University Medical Center disseminates knowledge within an engaging medical, nursing, and paramedical training system. The purpose is to improve patient care still further.

Striving for excellence together helps us move forward, and this is evident in VU University Medical Center. In addition to new methods of treatment and types of care, this also applies to innovative scientific developments and insights. Our professionals use the latest equipment. VU University Medical Center combines a healthy ambition with fundamental curiosity, and people-oriented ways of thinking and acting. Not only content with making patients better, VU University Medical Center itself wants to improve further and to become still better in future. Scientific research is, of course, closely linked to issues that are important to society. Its research is both fundamental in nature and directed towards achieving applications in every-day practice.

Who do we work for?

VU University Medical Center wants to be the best for its -patients and those close to them, for referrers, for students, for professionals undergoing training, for those commissioning research, and for those benefiting from its results. Continual attention to quality is required to prove our position as a center of excellence, and to progress still further. VU University Medical Center wishes to be seen, and recognized, as an innovative quality organization with a strong network of associated care institutions. Throughout the organization, people are working constantly and systematically on improvement and renewal.

Photo: Huub Boekhoudt, nurse, is taking a specialized follow-up course in oncology/haematology. "I see VUmc as a hospital that, in terms of teaching and research, is in a state of ongoing development."

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